what we do

Sometimes we are stuck, troubled and confused
Sometimes we do not know what to do to improve our situation
Sometimes we need someone to talk to

Someone who is trustworthy, confidential and attentive,
with whom we can look at all difficult aspects of our life
Someone who is experienced and professional

Traumatic experiences, personal difficulties, family conflicts, stress, sleeping problems, difficult life transitions can isolate us from others.

Self-renewal through reflection and talks gives us courage and power and helps us to discover ways to find solutions and regain access to our resources.

Our professional well-trained Ipso-care counselors are here for you.

Just register and step in.

Ipso care

By entering our website you step into a safe space, in which committed empathetic counselors from different countries provide counseling services. They will support and help you in difficult life situations to find your path towards personal and social well-being.

It is our aim to enable people to solve their problems and conflicts, to develop and keep up functional and rewarding relationships with their families, friends and beloved once, to decide what to do and to be able to influence their lives on the basis of their own values.

We follow a resource- and problem-solving orientated counseling approach, which is supportive, non-judgmental and completely confidential.

Ipso-care counselors are well trained professionals who are continuously supervised by experienced experts in the field of mental health.

Ipso-care offers personal, strictly confidential client-orientated tele-video sessions through the client portal.

Vision & Mission


To create trustful, reliable, professional and caring online counseling services to people of all ages, economic and ethnic backgrounds and spiritual traditions all over the world.


We wish to contribute to a world in which the people are conscious, creative, taking responsibility for themselves and their environment, reaching out in dialogue relating to the others and the world – passionate – curious – empathetic. With our professional and committed team we encourage cultural expression and reflection. We help to care.

Guiding principles

We encourage individual and local cultural expression, culture, dialogue and the reflection of personal and collective values.

Accountability, transparence, freedom of expression, equal rights, peace and reconciliation on a personal and collective level are our guiding principles.