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  • what we do

    By entering our website you step into a safe space with committed empathetic counselors and professionals from different countries. They will support and help you in difficult life situations to find your path towards personal and social wellbeing. It is our aim to enable people to solve their problems and conflicts, to develop and keep up functional and rewarding relationships with their families, friends and beloved once, to decide what to do and to be able to influence their lives on the basis of their own values.

    Ipso-care offers personal, strictly confidential client-orientated tele-video sessions through the client portal.

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  • who we are

    Ipso is a German based humanitarian organization, active in the field of psychosocial care and cultural dialogue (www.ipsocontext.org and www.ipso-cc-afghanistan.org).

    Ipos’s psychosocial counselors are very experienced in understanding people’s individual and collective situation and their personal problems. They support their clients to cope with their difficulties and to handle the challenges they face in their lives.

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    Find out about the three levels containing in the counseling process ...

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